At Calvary Chapel, we take discipling Jesus' Little Lambs very seriously; It is a great stewardship! 


We provide care and service for children infants - 6th grade.

Our children's curriculum covers the major events in Scripture, Genesis - Revelation.

If a child starts in Children's Church at the age of 4, by the end of their 6th grade year, they would have been taught through all the major events of the Bible twice! 

The security and safety of the children are always a critical concern for us. In order to facilitate these concerns, the following steps have been taken:

  • Every Children’s Ministry servant has been thoroughly   screened through a nationwide security and  background check service. This service checks multiple agencies in order to clear each person’s background and record. If there is any doubt whether or not they should be around children, they are not allowed to serve in the ministry. 
  • No men ever change diapers. 
  • Children and adults do not use the restroom at the same time.